Monkey Rules

Just like most places, there are a few rules to make sure all of us Monkey around safely.. so please do help us to ensure you all have a great time.

1.      Most importantly – have fun and if something isn’t working, or broken, let us know, we want to fix it for you.. Equally – if we did a good job, let us know so that all the team can get a pat on the back!

2.      Older monkeys above 2 years need to stay out of the toddler area – the little monkeys get knocked over easy. If some bigger monkeys do stray into the little monkey area we may ask them to pop round to the bigger monkey play area – please don’t be offended, we’re doing it for their well being and safety.

3.      Please don’t take food onto/into the play areas – we want to keep it free from slipping and from spillages – definitely no bananas!

4.      Parents / Guardians at all times must supervise children using this play facility and are responsible for their children. Please do keep an eye on them whilst they monkey around. If you leave them during a party please agree with the Party Lead to take responsibilty for them.

5.      We provide members of staff who monitor the equipment at all times and have access to first aid facilities. So whilst they don’t supervise children, they are there to help with any minor scrapes. We just need to pop all accidents into the accident book. 

6.      Children who are unwell must not use the facilities – we’re trying hard to keep the place clean for your convenience (but do tell us if there are any (ahem..) accidents, so we can quickly mop it up!.  

7.      Height and age restrictions are applicable and we have to enforce this for safety and insurance reasons. This is why we’ve set the age to 8 years and under, especially as monkeys over 8 are stronger! 

8.      Children and adults must remove their shoes before playing on the equipment in the play area and for hygiene reasons children and adults must not go barefooted! We sell socks at the front desk if you need them. We’ve a shoe rack by reception for you to use.

9.      No food, drinks, sweets or chewing gum are to be taken onto the play area.

10.    Smoking or vaping is not permitted anywhere within the building.

11.    Personal items such as hand bags etc are the responsibilities of the parent/ guardian and we cannot take any liability for their loss.

12.    Loose jewellery or any sharp objects must not be taken into the play area by the children or adults

13.    Only food and drinks purchases on these premises can be consumed, of course food for new borns, or special dietary requirements are fine – just let us know. Our café is reasonably priced and it helps to keep the entry prices low for all of you. 

14.    We’re more than happy for mum’s to breast feed anywhere on the premises, if you want somewhere a little discreet simply let us know and we can try and find somewhere for you.

15.    Have fun, be happy, go on, be a monkey too and get in there with your little ones and monkey around! But please don’t sit on the swing ball!