Parents - we're now authorised dealers for Teddy Mountain - - get your lovely cute teddy bear and let your child bring them alive!

We are now launching a special type of party - one where the children can create their very own cuddly teddy bear right there and then, or if you prefer, to take home as a party gift. We are an authorised reseller of Teddy Mountain, where the concept is simple: pick an unstuffed plush (unstuffed teddy bear or other animal skin) and fill it up yourself. You can then customize your teddy bear to your liking by picking out clothing and accessories such as shoes, sunglasses, and even sporting gear. You still get 2 hours party time which includes 30 mins for food, talk to us if you want the bears made during the party or you prefer to take them home.

As we're an authorised reseller we can offer you the chance to purchase these bears at a discount to the retail price - and without a delivery charge. All you need to do is copy the the link ( and browse until you find what you are looking for, then contact us with numbers and book your party.

There is a minimum order of 6, and must be purchased in multiples of 6, and each set of 6 needs to be the same type. That's how we have to order them from the manufacturer.

We're able to offer brand new as follows: 

  • 8 inch Bear in the Box for £11.95.  You get a skin, the fibre, a bag, a wishing heart and a passport.
  • 16 inch plush for £10.95. You get a skin, the fibre and, a wishing heart.
  • 8 inch plush for £8.45. You get a skin, the fibre and, a wishing heart.
  • plus 10% off all bags, fibre/filling, accessories (you don't need to buy 6 of these). How FUNKEY is that!

These bears are perfect for parties, or as gifts to your loved ones for easter or birthdays.

If you have already booked your party with us and want to add these bears as a lovely extra, please give us a call or email and we will get back to you.

For party sizes of 12 or more the birthday child gets a bear for free (excludes accessories/clothing). Or buy as gifts. If you don't need 6 ask amongst your friends and group up - the more the merrier! Let us know what you are interested in ad we'll check delivery times.

Prices that can't be beaten - you can't say fairer than that!